Congratulations to JKO Athletes who competed in Nikkei Games!
With over 400 competitors, JKO members placed in almost every division they competed in! The 11 members brought home 17 medals: 6 Gold, 6 Silver and 5 Bronze!

Tetsuro Escudero Gold Kumite, Silver Kata
Tomoyuki Vaughn Silver Kumite, Bronze Kata
Jacqueline Best Bronze Kumite, Gold Kata
Everen Graves Gold Kata
Summer Hargett Silver Kumite and Kata
Sam Higgins Gold Kumite, Silver Kata
Cody Farrah Bronze Kumite, Gold Kata
Kevin Burton Silver Kumite, Bronze Kata
Navid Asgharzadeh Gold Kumite

Congratulations to you all! You make us proud!!
Thanks for representing the JKO so well!!!
12 July 2010
JKO Athletes Shine at USA Karate National Championships

14 June 2010
Coach and Athlete Return From Olympic-Level Training

18 May 2010
Regular Competition Season Ends on Success!

1 March 2010
JKO Garner is celebrating their three year anniversary! Congratulations!
Garner, NC

29 January 2010
Congratulations to Tim Wewer on passing his Shodan-Ho exam!
Garner, NC

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